If your cutter needs to be repaired, it can be returned to us.

We will sharpen, adjust and repair parts for C$600.00

To ship:

Cutting Edge Surgical Equipment Ltd

53 Trickle Ridge Pl.

Kimberley B.C.

Canada V1A 2H8

Remember the cutter value is not your set purchase price. I suggest a low value to not attract Canadian GST of 5%

The country of manufacture is Canada.

Documentation information:

Contact us for shipping instructions and a printable shipping label.

If you use UPS and DHL, be advised they have a high brokerage and /or clearing charge to us.

You can pay it when you ship or it will be added to your invoice.

We will send you an invoice for approval including shipping charges.

Payment by PayPal

We will use the post office with tracking number and insurance unless directed differently.

Please email us advising your carrier and the tracking number.